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Welcome To Happy Virtual Desk

Is your business the first thing you think about in the morning and the last before you go to sleep?

Being your own boss is exhilarating and empowering. It’s incredible to be building something that’s 100% for you, working with incredible clients and living life on your own terms.

Although, let me guess: somewhere along the line, “Living life on your own terms” turned into “Living life scared to take even an afternoon off because you can’t afford to drop the ball.”

All of a sudden, you’re spending your Friday nights and Sunday mornings glued to your laptop – rather than getting outside, pursuing your hobbies and enjoying the freedom you hoped your business would bring you.

That… wasn’t part of the plan! And it only seems to be getting worse as your business grows.



Are you ready for your business to become highly profitable?

If you’ve been feeling like your business is robbing you of your time, money, and sanity, The Highly Profitable Business Audit is for you.

There’s got to be a way to keep growing your business without sacrificing your sanity, right?

What if you could accomplish more without feeling like your business will crumble the minute you take a day off or close your laptop?

What if you really could grow your business, increase your income and spend more time doing what you love?

You need another version of you, a second brain, an extra pair of hands who l will strategise with you, manage projects, provide structure in your business and totally ‘get’ what you’re about.

~ here’s my cue to slide into your life and get your business into shape ~

My name’s Sneha, and I’m an Online Business Manager & Systems Specialist based in Leicester, alongside my small team of experts. I work with overwhelmed business owners like you who want to build a thriving business without selling their soul (and working every. single. weekend) in the process.

You’ve probably waded through a tonne of referrals and websites trying to find “The One”.

I get it. It’s tough trying to figure out exactly what you need, whether you should hire a VA or an OBM, how one OBM is different from another, or how to get someone up to speed without adding even more work to your already busy plate.

Well, allow me to make it a little simpler for you.

I have over 13 years’ senior experience in the corporate world where I specialised in financial and value based auditing.

That means I’ve seen the workings of over 60 successful businesses across a range of industries – helping them implement and improve their processes, keep track of core business metrics and find ways to increase profit. This puts me in the perfect position to dive straight into your business and bring big picture thinking to your small business world!

I now use all these skills to operate as an Online Business Manager (also known as an OBM).

Not only can I handle all of your day-to-day operations, manage a team (if you have one) and set you up with systems to make your business run smoother than a delicious cup of chai (you’ll often find me sipping one while I’m at my desk). But I can also act as your strategic business partner.

Whether it’s advice, being your sounding board or actually implementing systems and strategies, I’m here to do the things that you don’t have time or want to do, so you can get back to doing what you do best in your business.

How great would it feel to…

Know all of your day to day operations were being expertly handled behind the scenes without you?

Focus on serving your clients and growing your business with complete clarity?

Have the time, mental headspace and the freedom you set out to enjoy when you became your own boss? To finally be able to switch off and fully relax!

Phew. Did you just feel your shoulders drop?

It’s all 100% possible for you.

Let’s make it happen!

She managed my business and 9 members of staff for over a month whilst I was sick and for that I will be forever grateful. Our profit margins increased by 2.5% during this time and nothing went wrong!

Helen Brown
Mental Health Life Coach

I can look forward to growing the business more now that I know I have someone on the team who can proactively deal with all the sniggles that arise as a business expands and systemises

James Wilken
Owner of Woolfoot Heating

She is responsive to our requests, keeps us up-to-date with projects, and is proactive in coming up with ideas and solutions to help our company develop.

Emily Hills and Lindsay Hardy
Founders of Sensory Babies

Benefits of having an Online Business Manager Services

Organisation & Efficiency

I can create organised and streamlined processes increasing overall the overall efficiency of your day to day activities

Support Business Growth

 I will handle day-to-day tasks, manage your team, be the point of contact for questions and more which will give you more time to concentrate on revenue generating activities!

Strategic Consulting

 I can advise on the implementations of systems to improve business operations, help map out your vision and goals into a bite-size actionable plan, as well as concentrating on assisting struggling areas of your business.

Systems Implementations

Helping you set up some of the most powerful tools to automate your business. I specialise in Dubsado set-up and maintenance.


If you hire a full-time employee, you will have to pay their full salary, complete lots of paperwork and have the added admin of calculating their tax, national insurance, pension etc whereas with me, you only pay for the time you require. This allows you to scale your small business in the most cost effective way.

Commitment to Self-Development

I am committed to personal and professional development so that I can continue to provide more value and solve more problems for my clients.