Online Business Manager

Sick of spinning too many plates and panicking you’ll drop the ball if you take even a week off work? Then it might be time to get long-term support from an OBM (hi!) in your business.

Let’s get you out of the day-to-day of your business so you can spend less time managing and more time in your zone of genius.

Here’s how that works…

We’ll kick off our time together by having a thorough analysis of what’s actually going on inside your business. I will lift the lid on your finances, systems and current strategies (yes, even that completely disorganised filing system in your Google Drive! Don’t worry – no judgement here!).

Next, we will explore what your overall vision is for the business. Do you want to reach a new income goal? Do you want to diversify your product suite? We can explore new ideas for the business, where money is being left on the table and identify any time leaks.

And then it’s time to break that vision into bitesize chunks and create an actionable plan for me to carry out.

This might look like taking on additional team members to provide you with extra support (I have a team of specialists, from social media experts to tech whizzes I can bring on board). Or it might look like setting up a full onboarding and offboarding experience, so you can provide a truly premium experience for your clients (and potentially even raise your rates). Or managing project timelines so you can stop waking up in a cold sweat worrying you’ve missed a deadline or invoice!

You will receive a fully customised plan which will mean we are both crystal clear on what we need to do. And then it’s time for me to implement it. Leave it to me!

I’ll get your business working like a well-oiled machine, so you can focus on the things only you can do, that generate revenue and light you up as a business owner. It’s time to stop getting sidetracked by all those tasks that stack up, and get systemised tools, workflows and automations to keep everything running even when you’re not there.

What do you get in this package?

  • Done for you management, implementation and strategy
  • Weekly calls and daily Slack/Voxer support
  • Monthly 90 minute strategy session (worth $397) to ensure that we are staying on track
  • Bi-annual Operational Audit (worth $1,997)


  • Project Management (from managing a rebrand to all those things on your vision board you never find the time for)
  • Team management
  • Recruiting and vetting the best talent (no more spending hours sifting through CVs)
  • Monitoring metrics and analysis (let’s look at the bigger picture and figure out what budget you have for growth right now)
  • Monthly profit and loss and cashflow analysis (so you can get crystal clear on where your hard-earned money is going)
  • Creating and maintaining standard operating procedures (so new recruits can dive straight in, even if you’re not there).
  • Launch Management


  • Systems build (Dubsado, Karta, Kajabi and Clickup is what we specialise in)
  • Development and Maintenance of System Builds
  • Marketing Campaigns
  • Sales Funnels
  • Business Development Tasks (like updates to your website)


  • Operational audit every 6 months (worth $1,997)
  • Monthly strategy session (time for us to brainstorm your big-picture goals)
  • Monthly gap analysis (to see where money is being left on the table)
  • Strategising and monitoring (think of me as your sounding board)
  • Customer journey mapping and workflow (let’s make sure your client experience is doing your incredible work justice)


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